Interviews are tough to get right.

How long an interview should last? Which questions will be asked?

The truth is that, the most hiring decisions are made within 15 seconds. Also, there are cases where companies are hiring people with no interview, but because someone they trust suggested them, or they based on the candidate’s resume and profile.

How the HR manager, the shipping company gatekeeper will make sure that, the person’s image presented in the interview is who they truly are?

If the shipping industry is ready to hire the right people, then they need to throw out the old list of interview questions that they have been using since ever. Carers’ offices at universities and websites provide candidates access to the questions that most shipping companies ask, as well as the answers that interviewers expect.

Interviewing is time consuming and costly

Interviewing a bounce of candidates, and in general the whole hiring process, are time consuming and costly. When the wrong candidate is hired, then it is a disaster since he will be dismissed, and the hiring procedure will start again.

To ensure that the hiring process is safeguarded, pay attention on the job description and the interview questions.

Ask exactly what you are looking for

It is quite common that there are shipping companies that are looking for a receptionist, and in the job description they ask for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. This is so much waste of time. Why don’t you ask exactly what you are looking for.

Questions to be asked

It is imperative that interviewers get the most critical information out of candidates possible. Before the interview starts, the employer should carefully develop questions, that result in successful hires, and determine the most acceptable answers.Questions been asked are key to the job been advertised, since they greatly increase the chances of spotting the right candidate. 

They know the answers

Careers’ offices at universities and websites inform the candidates, on the most likely interview questions and expected answers. Enough with the ‘What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” and ‘Where would you like to be in five years?’ because he has not had a clue, neither have you. Also, candidates prepare and rehearse their practice interviews, to the point where their responses are universally impressive. They do the same with the resume template and they all use the same.

Fake answers

Many jobs, grades and school attended do not predict a perfect match for the job. On the other hand, work related questions should be used, since they are harder to prepare for and to fake an answer to.

Questions recalling past behavior

Forget about questions, that require the candidate to recall, how he behaved in the past, because a good storyteller will make up a super reply which will definitely not reflecting reality. The world is changing, and yesterday’s approaches are out of date or this was to do with another company, and may give the wrong answer today.

Be specific – Ask for demonstration

If you are looking for a specific skill or knowledge, ask to demonstrate this by using a case, that you are familiar with, without getting in so much detail, that you could not handle. If you are looking for their practicality and project management, ask how well they can outline a plan, forecast, anticipate problems. If you are trying to assess a candidate’s ability to learn, adapt, and if the job requires to innovate provide them with a case and ask them to outline what they will to achieve specific results.

Questions covered in cv

While you are asking those questions make sure, that you do not ask questions that are already covered in their resumes.  

Remember that you have been in their shoes, so be nice.



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