Why individuals need to engage in training?

Why companies need to engage in training?

Why employees need to engage in company training?

Individuals engage in training

  • to develop solid and updated shipping related knowledge;
  • to develop technical, soft skills and competences;
  • to increase knolwdge of carrer options;
  • to improve transition from one job to the other; and
  • to network.

Companies engage in training

  • to increase job satisfaction among employees;
  • to increase morale among employees;
  • to increase employee motivation;
  • to increase efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain;
  • to increase capacity to adopt new practices, technologies and methods;
  • to increase innovation in strategies and tactics; and
  • to reduce employee turnover.

Employees engage in training

  • to develop shipping related knolwdge in  the fast changing maritime environment;
  • to develop technical and soft skills;
  • to enhance career development; and
  •  to get committed and involved thus quiring increased levels of job satisfaction, motivation and self-confidence.
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