The Last Nautical Mail, for graduates, shipping managers and seafares

The Last Nautical Mile: A WMA innovation

Last nautical mile

Preparing for reality: soft skills that will help to successfully start a career

We got inspired from the ‘last mile’ first used in the telecommunications industry and refereed to the final leg of networks that deliver services to end-users, the portion that physically reaches the end-users’ premises.

The ‘last nautical mile’ refers to the situation where either after graduating from College or University, students lack skills and difficulty in apply theory to practice or for professionals (working ashore or seafarers) that are not up to date with managerial practices.

The shipping industry is all about people, absolute core knowledge and soft skills.

The WMA Last Nautical Mile offer solutions to graduates and professional, seafarers and  companies in the shipping cluster.

The Last Nautical Mile for Seafares

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