Our people determine WMA’s quality

What we are, are our people and our global network of partners. The quality of our people is the foundation of our ability to serve the shipping market.

We invest in exceptional people, further developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters their growth as leaders.

Meet our Management Team

Dr. Katerina Konsta


WMA Support Team


    WMA Education Team


      Professor Michael Roe

      Head, Education Team
      Director, Diploma in Maritime Business

      Meet our Team of Instructors

      Stanimir Ivanov

      Ship Operations & Chartering

        Maria Vasilaki

        Soft Skills & Mentoring

          Magdalena Langosch

          Cross-Cultural Management & Internaltional Business

            Fidan Gurbanova

            IMO Regulations, State & Ports

              Tina Koufopanteli

              Freight Collection

                Bessem Hamud


                  Dr George Vaggelas

                  Port Expert

                    Tzorou Lioretta

                    Purchasing & Ship Supply

                      Wade Campbell

                      Logistics & Soft Skills

                        Anna Chatzatoglou

                        Ship Supply & Procurement

                          Trishaunna Dwyer

                          Ship Supply & Purchasing

                            Yannica Hayles


                              Alex Tsipelikis

                              Ship Supply & Procurement

                                Eleni Poriki

                                Maritime Business

                                  Iordanis Gkiokas

                                  Maritime Procurement

                                    Captain Zehhaf Mustapha

                                    LNG Ships

                                      Akrivi Brikou

                                      Shipping Finance
                                      Financial Officer, Efshipping Co SA

                                      Konstantinos Grigoriadis

                                      Maritime Law

                                        Captain Iro Gidakou

                                        Ship Knowledge

                                          Dr. Kathryn A. O’Shaughnessy

                                          Training the Trainer

                                            Manikandan V

                                            Soft Skills

                                              George Laios

                                              Shipping Finance

                                                Yiasmine Elessawy

                                                Naval Architecture

                                                  Julie Kallergi

                                                  Spare Parts

                                                    Helen Kydes Goniotakis

                                                    Soft Skills

                                                      Anastasia Tsakiridi


                                                        Dionysios Zachariou

                                                        Marine and Mechanical Engineering

                                                          Artemios Alifragkis

                                                          HR and Crewing

                                                            Captain James Foong

                                                            Shipping Operations and Management

                                                              Jurgen Verreet

                                                              Maritime Economics

                                                                Dr Vasileios Vrysagotis

                                                                Port and Supply Chain Management

                                                                  Nicola Searle

                                                                  Human Resource

                                                                    Dr. Evangelos Afendras

                                                                    Culture and Communication

                                                                      Nikos Koliniatis

                                                                      Logistics and Supply Chain Management

                                                                        Silvina Bakardzhieva

                                                                        Maritime Law

                                                                          Katerina Grigoriou

                                                                          Agency and Shipping Procurement

                                                                            Captain Socratis Tigkos

                                                                            Shipping Operations and Crewing

                                                                              Anna Silva

                                                                              Operations Supervisor at Port Everglades

                                                                              Danae Markopoulou

                                                                              Shipping Operations

                                                                                Dr. Christos Patsiouras

                                                                                Shipping Marketing & Management

                                                                                  Vasiliki Kalemi

                                                                                  Mechanical Engineering and Firefighting

                                                                                    Maria Alexandraki

                                                                                    Marine Insurance

                                                                                      Despina Kalfa

                                                                                      Marine Insurance
                                                                                      GM at Aries Marine Insurance Brokers

                                                                                      Ioanna Topaloglou

                                                                                      Marine Insurance
                                                                                      CEO of Orion at International Brokers and Consultants

                                                                                        Dr. Paraskevi Papaleonida

                                                                                        Maritime English

                                                                                          Elli Xenitidou

                                                                                          Maritime English

                                                                                            Michael Fowkes

                                                                                            Soft Skills

                                                                                              George Kiourktsoglou

                                                                                              Shipping Managament,Chartering & Security

                                                                                                Meet our 20 MAR-EVA course Instructors

                                                                                                Please note: 

                                                                                                None of the MAREVA Instructors has been renumerated for authoring the modules.

                                                                                                We all offer our ship in knowledge free of charge.

                                                                                                This is the holistic approach of WMA towards the society and the shipping sustainability.

                                                                                                Valerie Cannon

                                                                                                Marine Environment
                                                                                                Environmental Regulatory Manager for Total Marine Solutions

                                                                                                Leslie Mezzich

                                                                                                Managing Director
                                                                                                Global Maritime Consultants Group (GMCG) Singapore

                                                                                                ꝉ Ass. Professor Eva Stefanidaki

                                                                                                Short Sea Shipping
                                                                                                Assistant Professor at Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport - University of the Aegean

                                                                                                  Dorothea Ioannou

                                                                                                  CEO Shipowners Claims Bureau | Deputy Chief Operating Officer at The American P&I

                                                                                                  Maria Belen Espineira

                                                                                                  Carriage of Goods by Sea
                                                                                                  Abogada Maritimista - P&I Correspondent

                                                                                                  Stine Mundal

                                                                                                  Ship Classification
                                                                                                  Key Account Manager at DNV

                                                                                                  Peg Buchan

                                                                                                  Assistant Port Director Port Everglades

                                                                                                  Wendy Jaramillo

                                                                                                  Shipping Business
                                                                                                  Technical Project Manager at APM Terminals

                                                                                                  Pallavi Sidhra

                                                                                                  Carriage of Goods by Sea
                                                                                                  Business Development Director at Voyager Worldwide

                                                                                                  Nilsu Yildiz Hazer

                                                                                                  Admirlty Law
                                                                                                  Founding Lawyer, Yıldız Legal Avukatlık Bürosu

                                                                                                  Heather Kostecki

                                                                                                  Shipping Business

                                                                                                    Ecem Kalkavan Çubukçu

                                                                                                    Liner Shipping
                                                                                                    General Manager at Turkon Logistics Group

                                                                                                    Seren Sepmaz

                                                                                                    Admiralty Law
                                                                                                    Attorney at Sapmaz Law Firm

                                                                                                    Professor Maria Lekakou

                                                                                                    Short Sea Shipping
                                                                                                    Dean at Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport - University of the Aegean

                                                                                                    Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou

                                                                                                    Information Technology
                                                                                                    President at Electricity Authority of Cyprus | CEO Tototheo Maritime | President WISTA International

                                                                                                    Catrien Scheers

                                                                                                    Logistics & Freight Forwarding
                                                                                                    Chair, Fast Lines

                                                                                                    Akrivi Brikou

                                                                                                    Shipping Finance
                                                                                                    Financial Officer, Efshipping Co SA

                                                                                                    Anna Silva

                                                                                                    Operations Supervisor at Port Everglades

                                                                                                    Despina Kalfa

                                                                                                    Marine Insurance
                                                                                                    GM at Aries Marine Insurance Brokers

                                                                                                    Dr. Katerina Konsta

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