It never ceases to amaze us how much time, energy and effort people invest in searching endlessly for better practices and magic shortcuts to shipping business success and fulfillment.

The World Maritime Academy values each generation in shipping and strongly believes that each generation has something to learn and something to teach to next generations.

Every shipping business story has important lessons for future generations, and we do not want these stories to be told only to few or to be forgotten. This is why we developed the ‘Shaping the Future of Shipping: Lessons to be learned Series’,  in order to let the young generation and new entrances to shipping to learn and the market not to forget.

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Are you a shipping practitioner and you have a story to tell?

We are always pleased to receive shipping stories and hear about practices, voyages, innovations and achievements in the shipping industry. These are considered to be the true lessons for the young generation to learn and for the rest of us, not to forget. Get in touch with us at support@e-wma.com

Shapping the Future of Shipping : Lessons to be Learned

Session 1: Baltic 99, Dimitris P. Iliou

We are delighted to present Mr Dimitris P. Iliou and his idea for the development of the Baltic 99.

The B99 or the Baltic Exchange Dry Cargo Questionnaire is a document issued by the Baltic Exchange. A shipping document, supplementary and subsidiary to the owner’s description of the vessel.

Sincere thanks to Mr Iliou for sharing his story with us and, with that, his truth in the SHAPING THE FUTURE OF SHIPPING: LESSONS TO BE LEARNED. We feel touched, humbled and gratified in equal measure.

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By the end of this session you will be able to:

▪Understand what it takes for a new idea to be realized in the shipping industry;

▪Understand the stage we are today with the vessel questionnaires and that is the outcome of evolution or revolution;

▪Listen to the story by the person who was the father of the Baltic 99, Mr Dimitris P Iliou;

▪Relate theory of change to the enactment of BALTIC99; and

▪Realize that everything is possible. Your turn is on its way.

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