About our online maritime Crash Courses

Embark on an accelerated learning journey with our Crash Courses, intensive seminars ranging from 2 to 10 hours, tailored to specific specialized shipping subjects. These courses are designed for professionals seeking immediate updates to their knowledge and skills, with the duration depending on the intricacies of the chosen topic.

How do crash course and snapshot seminar differ?

  • In terms of focus, consider the laytime and demurrage topic: a snapshot emphasizes basics and calculations, while a crash course delves into fundamental aspects, with a specific emphasis on the ‘arrived ship’ concept, notice of readiness, calculations and laytime exceptions and interruptions.
  • Regarding duration, a snapshot typically lasts 1 to 5 hours, while a crash course involves a more extended timeframe up  to 10 hours

Key Features

  • Intensive Learning Sessions: Immerse yourself in a focused seminar that delves into highly specialized shipping subjects, providing a swift and comprehensive update to your knowledge and skills.
  • Flexible Duration: Tailor your learning experience with courses lasting 2 to 10 hours, adapting to the depth and complexity of each subject.
  • On-Demand Access: Watch and re-watch the course at your convenience. Pause, rewind, and review the material as many times as needed within the 3-month access period.
  • Expert-Driven Content: Developed by highly specialized shipping professionals and instructors, ensuring the content is relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with industry best practices.
  • Self-Assessment Tools: Gauge your understanding with self-assessment questions, allowing you to check your knowledge and reinforce key concepts.
  • Engagement through Course Forum: Participate in a dedicated course forum to connect with fellow professionals, network, and seek clarification on any course-related queries.
  • Certificate of Attendance: Upon completion, receive a WMA Certificate of Attendance, recognizing your commitment to advancing your expertise in specialized shipping subjects.


  • Expert-Led Learning: Delve into highly specialized online courses led by top shipping experts, facilitating smart and fast learning.
  • Flexible Learning Pace: Progress at your own pace without rigid start and end dates, ensuring a productive use of your time to acquire specialized knowledge and skills.
  • Concentration on Specialization: Focus intensely on the specialization, reducing the likelihood of forgetting crucial information.
  • Best Practices Demonstration: Gain insights into the best practices of shipping operations, accelerating your learning curve and avoiding unnecessary warm-up sessions.
  • Enhanced Information Retention: Benefit from high concentration on specialization, leading to better information retention.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access: Attend the courses from anywhere, at any time, providing the flexibility to fit into your schedule seamlessly.
  • Building Upon Existing Knowledge: Enhance your current knowledge base by building upon existing expertise, creating a more comprehensive understanding of specialized shipping subjects
online maritime crash courses

Course Material

  • Video Recorded Presentations: Engage with concise video presentations, maximizing learning efficiency with a maximum duration of 4 hours and up to 10 depending on the topic chozen.
  • Resource Access: Explore additional resources that complement the seminar content, providing further insights and depth to your learning experience.
  • Self-Assessment Questions: Evaluate your understanding through self-assessment questions, reinforcing key concepts and ensuring comprehensive learning.
  • Course Forum: Participate in a collaborative course forum, fostering engagement, networking, and an interactive learning community.
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