World Maritime Academy is the trusted brand for maritime professional development. We work with leading shipping academics and professionals, shipping industry organizations and companies to provide hands on and high value training.

Agencia Maritima Intercontinental


AGENCIA MARITIMA INTERCONTINENTAL S.R.L. was founded in 1969 and offers REAL-TIME assistance with Agency, Cargo, Logistics, and up-to-date Market Information.

MARPOLİ Denizcilik


MARPOLİ Denizcilik was established in 2017, dedicated to providing the shipping industry with high-quality marine lubricants, equipment and a large complementary range of technical services.



STAMKON is an colsultsancy and training company. Offers tailor made services for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, by identifying and developing best practices and improvements that can reduce costs, increase inventory turns, and improve business performance and relative customer satisfaction.

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