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About our online maritime Diplomas

Embark on a comprehensive 6-module journey designed to provide advanced shipping knowledge and practical skills. The online diploma courses allow participants to learn at their own pace, with access available for 12 months. Networking opportunities with participants and instructors worldwide enhance the learning experience.

Embark on this educational voyage to elevate your maritime knowledge, refine your skills, and establish global connections. Your diploma program is your gateway to advanced expertise in the dynamic field of shipping.


  • Specialized Online Core Maritime Courses: Instructed by top-tier shipping professionals, our online diploma program offers specialized courses that go beyond the basics, providing in-depth insights into advanced shipping practices.
  • Best Shipping Practices: Demonstrate mastery of the best shipping practices, ensuring that participants are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and skills.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Access the course from anywhere at any time, catering to the needs of busy professionals seeking to update their knowledge and skills on their terms.
  • No Fixed Start and End Dates: Enjoy the freedom to start and finish the course at your own pace within the generous 12-month access period, eliminating the constraints of fixed timelines.
  • Networking Opportunities: Benefit from excellent networking opportunities with a diverse group of participants and instructors worldwide, fostering a global perspective and collaborative learning environment.


Attend at your own pace, providing the flexibility to complete the diploma in just 1 month. While we recommend a thoughtful 5-6 month attendance plan for a comprehensive learning experience, the course is tailored to fit your individual timeline.

Course Material

  • Course Instructions: Receive detailed instructions to guide you through the structure and requirements of the diploma course
  • Module Handbooks: Immerse yourself in 6 comprehensive module handbooks, each spanning a minimum of 100 pages. These handbooks serve as in-depth references, ensuring a thorough understanding of the course content.
  • Video Presentations or Interactive PowerPoints: Engage with dynamic multimedia resources, including video presentations or interactive PowerPoints, to enhance the learning experience
  • Real-World Cases and Scenarios: Apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations through carefully crafted cases and scenarios, bridging the gap between theory and practice
  • Additional Resources: Access supplementary materials to further explore topics and broaden your understanding of advanced shipping concepts.
  • Self-Assessment and Exams: Gauge your progress with quiz self-assessment questions per module. Test your mastery with multiple-choice exams for the first five modules. Additionally, apply your knowledge in a real-life scenario and case study assessment.
  • Online Course Forum: Join a vibrant online community where participants can interact, share insights, and discuss course topics.
  • Dedicated Administrator: A dedicated Administrator ensures that questions are addressed within 48 hours.
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