Meet the MAR-EVA Advisory Committee (MAC)

(members in alphabetical order)

Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons
Founder & President
Total Marine Solutions (TMS)

Maria Angelidou
Group Marketing Manager

Ilona Denisenko
Former President (IMHA)

Kalliopi Efstathiou
Trinity Travel | Trinity Events

Rebecca Garcia-Malone
Director of Business Development
Curtin Maritime

Chloe Hekmati
Sales & Commercial Director

Theano Kalapotharakou
Owner & Editor

Lindsay Malen-Habib
McAllister Towing

Meling Pia
Managing Director
Grieg Green

Christel Pullens
Managing Director
Sea Ranger Service

Learn more about the MAR-EVA Advisory Committee (MAC)

The Course Advisory Committee was established to ensure that periodic consultation is undertaken with relevant external members as part of the ongoing development and management of the Advance Certificate in Maritime Business.

The role of the MAR-EVA Advisory Committee (MAC)

The role of the MAR-EVA Advisory Committee (MAC) is to consider and give advice to the WMA Education Team on the development of new modules, update the existing modules, incorporate cut edge knowsledge and skill, and seeking expert maritime advice where necessary.

The MAC is established after the MAR-EVA course has been developed and will remain operative for the lifetime of the course, noting that the composition of the Committee may change during that period incorporating new members.

The function of the Advisory Committee
  • consider and give advice to the Education Team on the development of new modules, seeking expert advice where necessary;
  • draw to WMA Education Team’s recent developments and trends in the maritime industry fields of study and research and directions in course development;
  • review course documentation and developments to ensure that it meets standards, as well as that content are consistent and reflect best practice;
  • receive and comment upon new and revised outlines for units of study within existing courses; and
  • keep under review quality assurance mechanisms paying particular attention to assessment procedures, feedback and benchmarking with other higher education institutions where possible.

The MAR-EVA Advisory Committee (MAC) is an advising committee made up of maritime stakeholders who are top experts/advisers/industry employers and specialists.

All members are external to the WMA.


Dr Katerina Konsta

MAR-EVA Advisory Committee
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