Certificate in Marine Insurance

Certificate in Marine Insurance

The subject of Marine Insurance is wide and encompassing. This intensive course is specially designed for those who require a core knowledge of the marine insurance types available and the vessels that they cover. The Certificate in Marine Insurance delivers the essential knowledge required to build and enhance participants’ understanding of the industry, as it is particularly designed to introduce delegates to the fundamentals of marine insurance. This course focuses on the international nature of marine insurance and is specifically designed to allow participants to develop a critical awareness and understanding of the marine insurance market and how it functions. The purpose of this course is to provide participants with an inclusive induction to marine insurance, gain a practical understanding of the types of insurance covers available and obtain a working knowledge of the main classes of insurance, including marine cargo, hull, protection and indemnity (P&I), and other liability coverage and how these interrelate. Lectures are performed by marine insurance professionals with accumulated years of experience in the market, and the course covers all vital areas of the marine insurance industry and delivers an in-depth understanding and analysis of key policies, allowing participants to gain a practical understanding of same with the objective to be able to apply this knowledge to real life. The course is delivered and examined in English.
Upon completion of the course, participants will gain an insight into the risks faced by marine vessels and the legal framework within which the insured operates, as well as an understanding of the basics of marine insurance including the various types of risks included, the commercial context in which they operate and the related terminology. At the end of this course the learner will be expected to be able to:
  • Evaluate the function of marine insurance,
  • Evaluate the connection between shipping and marine insurance,
  • Identify the insurance needs of the owners and charterers,
  • Identify relevant covers and the markets available for placing same,
  • Analyze the content and conditions of a marine insurance contract, and
Handle simple insurance claims
The course consists of the following modules:
  1.  Fundamentals of Marine Insurance
  2.  H&M, Ancillary & Cargo Insurance Covers Explained
  3.  Protection & Indemnity
  4.  Case Studies
  • 4 Module Handbooks
  • 4 Powerpoint Presentations
  • MCQ's per module
  • Check your Knowledge Questions
  • 3 Marine Insurance practioners/Course Instructor

Maria is the Head of Hull & Machinery Underwriting and has more than 20 years of experience in the marine insurance sector.

    Maria Alexandraki
    Marine Insurance

    Mrs Kalfa is a Marine Insurance executive specializing in H&M, IV, War Risks, Kidnap & Ransom and ancillary (LOH, MII, CII etc.) covers.

      Despina Kalfa
      Marine Insurance

      Mrs Topaloglou is the founder and CEO of Orion International Brokers and Consultants.

        Ioanna Topaloglou
        Marine Insurance
        • There are no fixed course start dates. You can start your course ANYTIME, from ANYWHERE adapting the duration of the course to your needs.
        • The suggested duration for the Certificate in Marine Insurance is 2 months.
        • There is a time limit of access of 6 months to fulfill this course starting from the time of your registration.
        Upon successful completion certification is provided by the World Maritime Academy.
        The Certificate in Marine Insurance is open to every professional in shipping industry willing to aquire knowledge on the specialized topic, irrespective of educational background or experience.


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        Duration: 2 months
        Number of modules: 4
        Fees: $600
        Language: English
        Course Tools: 4 Module Handbooks, 4 Powerpoint Presentations, MCQ's per module, Check your Knowledge Questions, Course Instructor

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