An updated 2nd edition of the book ‘Globalisation, Policy and Shipping: Fordism, Post-Fordism and the European Union Maritime Sector’ by Evangelina Selkou and Professor Michael Roe

Congratulations Evangelina Selkou and Professor Michael Roe!

Evangelina Selkou and Professor Michael Roe

Thoroughly revised and updated, this second edition provides a contemporary analysis of policy and governance developments in the shipping sector across the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. It particularly focuses on developments in the EU and the continued intensification of globalisation, sustainability and social awareness.

Examining the relationship between shipping policy-makers, policy-enforcers and the industry, Evangelia Selkou and Michael Roe analyse the problems that have emerged in an intensely globalised sector where ship and cargo owners, crew, cargo ownership, and vessel finance might all be spread across a variety of locations, intensified by the anachronistic role of flag of registry. Updated chapters explore key emerging issues, such as the environment, the importance of externalities in the shipping market and sustainability.

The book provides an in-depth discussion of these issues, while also exploring the potential developments for shipping policy and governance in the future. Integrating issues of policy-making, governance and globalisation, Selkou and Roe offer a unique perspective of the relationship between policy and the maritime sector. Mapping how the shipping industry continues to undergo significant changes, this second edition will be a valuable resource for scholars and students of EU policy, international business, and transport geography and mobilities. Policy-makers in shipping will also find it beneficial.