Customized training adapted to the size, culture, objective, vision and strategy of the company, for companies planning tommorow by actions today.

WMA tailor made training includes:

  • Instructors and contents that match your needs
  • Online delivery
  • No start/end days, although courses will need to be finalised within a time limit. You can choose your delivery time and place.
  • Employee performance evaluation – with unlimited testing tries

Instead of the tailor made courses, if your company is looking to enroll several employees in our existing courses, please get in touch with us at support@e-wma, as we are able to provide you with a bespoke offer.


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The benefits of the WMA tailor made courses

Tailor made training is made-to-order for your company to fulfil your company’s needs.

  • The benefits are numerous.
  • They range from saving time and money, since employees undertake the training during and off work and at their own pace, to job satisfaction and productivity.
  • It allows for companies to focus on their core business, reduces the amount of time, communications and effort required to design and conduct in-house training programs.
  • Maritime training is our core business and we are focusing on the prioritising of the skills and areas that are most important for the company.
  • Each employee has different levels of experience and knowledge and a different way of learning ability. The courses are scaled and modified and your employees will undertake courses that are only relevant to their needs and related to their job.
  • The bespoke training increases employee engagement and consequently commitment and productivity, there off, allows for employee retentions and agility.
  • The WMA Administrator will be in constant contact with all employees and personalised feedback will be frequently provided.
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