Certificate in Chartering

Chartering ships is a two-party agreement in which one of the contractors (the shipowner) undertakes to provide the other party with the charterer, a specific ship, in whole or in part, for the purpose of carrying out sea transport for a fee.

It is considered imperative for a charterer to have the knowledge and experience to be able to act effectively and efficiently.

The purpose of the chartering program is to provide participants with both the theoretical and much more the practical background of the subject of charterparties and chartering. In other words, to offer both the special knowledge of the subject and to develop the participant’s ability to be able to perform the chartering tasks responsibly and autonomously.

The sections of the program include the stages and functions of chartering and the parties involved, the process and negotiation of charter, types of charter and charter agreements, the role and functions of shipments, the terminology related to ships, goods and charters, market outlook behavior, legal principles such as supply and demand, legal and ethical requirements, details required to be included in tenders, reservation of charter agreement, travel estimate, time calculation claims, charter and shipowner’s obligations for time and voyage charters