Crash Course in Supplier Development Performance Measurement for Ship Supply

Crash Course in Supplier Development Performance Measurement for Ship Supply

in exclusive collaboration with the International Ship Suppliers & Services Association (ISSA)

Supplier development in maritime, as in every other industry is the process by which a company identifies and selects suppliers who can provide the products or services required to meet its specific needs .

Companies need to maintain capable and reliable suppliers since they are dependent on them. The today’s increased dependence on suppliers magnifies the need for buying firms to effectively manage and develop their supply chains.

With the advancement of the technology and the customer changing needs, supplier development activities can often support suppliers' improvements. The buyers can select different types of objectives, measurers and criteria. It is equally important how the outcome will be analysed and monitored.

The measuring of supplier performance is essential to maintaining a good relationship and ensuring that suppliers continue to meet the company's standards.

By the end of this crash course, the participant will be able:
  • To understand the importance of supplier development;
  • To learn the importance of the supplier development in maritime and the ways to development ;
  • To identify the supplier’s performance in maritime and to choose applicable development systems;
  • To use management by objectives; and
  • To understand appraisal and evaluation of the supplier’s development.
The course consists of four sessions.
  • Session 1: Supplier Development and Account
  • Session 2: Buyer’s Performance
  • Session 3: Management by objectives
  • Session 4: Appraisal and Evaluation
  • Self-paced course
  • Pre-recorded Seminar
  • Check your Knowledge Quiz Questions
  • Extra Resources
  • Course Instructor
  • Course Forum
  • Course Administrator

    Yannica Hayles


    • There are no fixed course start dates. You can start your course ANYTIME, from ANYWHERE adapting the duration of the course to your needs.
    • The duration for the Supplier Development Performance Measurement (for Ship Supply) is
      •  5 hrs and 41 minutes, in total
      • 341 minutes approximately,  in total (with Session 1: 71 minutes, Session 2: 53 minutes, Session 3: 77 minutes, and Session 4: 140 minutes.)
    • There is a time limit of access to the course of 3 months, in order to fulfill this course starting from the time of your registration.
    Upon successful completion certification of attendance is provided by the World Maritime Academy and the International Ship Supplier's & Services Association (ISSA).
    The Crash Course in Supplier Development Performance Measurement (for Ship Supply) is open to those willing to acquire knowledge on the specialized shipping topic, irrespective of educational background or experience.

    Are you an ISSA member?

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    Duration: 5 hrs and 41 minutes approx.
    Number of modules: 4
    Fees: $250
    Language: English
    Course Tools: Self-paced course; Pre-recorded Seminar, Check your Knowledge Quiz Questions, Extra Resources, Course Instructor, Course Forum, Certification, Course Administrator.

    Are you an ISSA member?

    Contact us at support@e-wma.com to claim your exclusive 20% discount. Prior to registration, please provide us with your ISSA company number or membership number.

    The above discount is exclusively applicable to the ISSA Education Program.

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