Crash Course in Ship Supply & Organizational Structure

Crash Course in Ship Supply & Organizational Structure

in exclusive collaboration with the International Ship Suppliers & Services Association (ISSA)

Understand, manage, and succeed in Organizational Culture for Ship Suppliers

This crash-course equips ship supply professionals with a nuanced understanding of maritime organisational culture, empowering them to navigate cultural landscapes for enhanced safety, operational efficiency, and organisational welfare within maritime operations.

Organisational culture plays a pivotal role in shaping the identity and operational framework of ship suppliers. A strong and positive culture fosters collaboration, enhances communication, and cultivates a shared sense of purpose among team members, thereby optimising efficiency in the complex maritime supply chain. This course is particularly significant for ship suppliers as it equips them with the tools to cultivate a harmonious work environment, enabling better adaptability to industry trends, heightened employee satisfaction, and ultimately, increased customer satisfaction through streamlined operations and a unified team approach.

Participants will delve into the intricate fabric of organisational culture, exploring how values, beliefs, behaviours, and norms shape the essence of a ship supply company. Through case studies, discussions, and practical tools, attendees will gain actionable insights to foster positive cultural changes within their maritime organisations and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of organisational culture for sustainable long-term growth.

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the significance of Organisational Culture in the maritime industries, including its distinct elements and norms.
  • Proficiently assess and evaluate cultural dynamics within maritime organizations / ship suppliers.
  • Develop Skills in strategies for fostering positive and collaborative organisational cultures.
  • Understand the pivotal roles of leadership and communication in organisational cultural management
  • Be Capable of designing and implementing cultural change initiatives tailored to ship suppliers’ operations.
The course consists of four sessions.
  • Session 1: Fundamentals of Organizational Structure
  • Session 2: Cultivating, a Positive Organizational Culture for Ship Suppliers
  • Session 3: Managing & Sustaining Organizational Culture
  • Session 4: Implementing Cultural Change in Organizations

    Magdalena Langosch
    Cross-Cultural Management & Internaltional Business


    • There are no fixed course start dates. You can start your course ANYTIME, from ANYWHERE adapting the duration of the course to your needs.
    • Attendance: 7-9 notional hours ( prerecorded videos approximately 5:30 hours, in total).
    • There is a time limit of access to the course of 3 months in order to fulfill this course starting from the time of your registration.
    • The WMA-ISSA must be in receipt of full payment before access to the course is granted. Each participant is provided with the maximum number of days per course days access to the course. If you fail to complete the course during that time, then you must register again and repay for the course to be granted with access.
    • No course material may be copied or reused without the permission of the World Maritime Academy. You must not allow any third party to use your account information and/or computing equipment to access the digital content or course that you have booked. You may only use course materials for your own personal use. You must not provide, offer to sell, license or transfer the course materials (whether in whole or in part in any manner or form or in or on any media) to any other person unless we have agreed to this in writing

    Upon successful completion certification of attendance is provided by the World Maritime Academy and the International Ship Supplier's & Services Association (ISSA).

    The intensive seminar is open to those willing to acquire knowledge on the specialized shipping topic, irrespective of educational background or experience.

    Are you an ISSA member?

    Get in touch with us (support@e-wma.com) to secure an exclusive 20% discount on the fee.

    Before registration simply share your ISSA company number or your membership number with us at (support@e-wma.com)

    The above discount is exclusively applicable to the ISSA Education Program.


    100% Online!

    Duration: 7 -9 notional hours
    Number of modules: 4 Sessions, broken down to short Presentations
    Fees: $350
    Language: English
    Course Tools: Self-paced course; Pre-recorded Seminar, Check your Knowledge Quiz Questions, Extra Resources, Course Instructor, Course Forum, Certification, Course Administrator.

    Are you an ISSA member?

    Contact us at support@e-wma.com to claim your exclusive 20% discount. Prior to registration, please provide us with your ISSA company number or membership number.

    The above discount is exclusively applicable to the ISSA Education Program.

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