Our first major initiative towards the direction of United Nations SDGs’ objectives for GOAL 4 and 10 is the MAREVA Course.

The first FREE online Advanced Certificate in Maritime Business

  • designed to assist under-advantaged and disadvantaged women
  • from all over the world, backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives.

The MAREVA course provides the student with the core shipping knowledge required to peruse a career in shipping. 


Shipping is a global industry and global are the challenges and opportunities.


  • a mean of finding a way to succeed in life,
  • to believe in yourself,
  • to build up your knowledge and skill and
  • realize the options and challenges existing in the shipping industr, and
  • overall,  to empower the disadvantaged women and to make them  so they realize that the limit is the sky.

Meet the 18 MAREVA Instructors

The MAREVA Instructors are top shipping professionals from all over the world. They offered their top managerial knowledge, and time free of charge.

MAREVA Course Description

  • The course is designed or students gaining insight into the shipping industry and the intricacies involved in managing shipping operations on a local and international level. 
  • The course offers you in-depth understanding of the fundamental shipping elements and provides you with an option to specialize your training to specific areas based on the optional modules you will choose to enroll.
  • The benefit for the participants will be to maximize your potential being taught by highly professional women managers and directors with hands on knowledge who link theory to the everyday real-world practices.
  • The course is delivered and examined in English.

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