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Snapshots of Shipping Knowledge

The WMA short courses are professional on-line sessions devivered by shipping experts and aim in providing and updating knwledge and skill.

The short sessions  that we offer  are: Snapshots of Shipping Knowldge and Crash courses.

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Crash Courses

Why to choose a short course?

Attending a short course

  1. is a good way to learn new things in your profession and be updated.
  2. is a good way to manage effectivelly your time and  in 1- 4 hours to learn staff or get updated.
  3. our Instructors share their knowledge and experiences to help you gain core shipping knowledge and skill.
  4. you mingle and network with other professionals in shipping, globally. You can meet people online and you can exchange ideas and learn from each other.  You will meet new people and expand your professional network. The people that attend our courses can potentially become your future partners or clients. It is quite handy to be able to contact a person to another continent and get the information that you need on the spot.
  5. is the only viable way to learn in a specific time frame the latest trends in the maritime industry.
  6. our subject expert Instructors will share their knowledge about the latest industry developments.
  7. is a great opportunity to help you stay ahead with you work. You will also learn about the latest products and services that are available in the market.
  8. learn at your pace. Start the course when you can, pause and watch again. Get as many breaks as you want. Watch at work, watch on the train!
  9. examine your knowledge with the quiz questions. Did not get something right? Go back and wacth this part of the course video again!
  10. there are many times that our participants tell us that they got motivated to achieve their goals and get inspired.
  11. finally, you are getting certified that you have attended a particular topic with affordable fees.


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Learn how training works at WMA

Learn how training works at WMA

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