SeaWorks’ & WMA’s Survey for Women in Shipping

WISTA International Conference in Rotterdam (October 2017)

 The extent of women’s involvement in maritime trade has been identified as important over the years, as well as the apparent discrepancies in gender-based treatment. There is a still huge gap in data relating to women in shipping. Dr Katerina Konsta and her World Maritime Academy team tried to identify the status of women in shipping today and further establish what must be done in future.

In 2010, research on women was carried out by the research team at the WISTA Athens Conference for the first time. Further research was conducted in 2017 and the finding were presented at the WISTA International Conference in Rotterdam (October 2017). The full Research presentation could be viewed by following the link on the right.

The members of  World Maritime Academy research team were:

Katerina Konsta, Research Initiator and Leader

Dr. Sevasti Foka, Senior Psychologist Consultant

Evangelos Rodopoulos, Senior Analyst CTA To View all the presentation