The world’s largest container ship is called Ever Ace and is operated by the Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine Corporation. The 1,300ft (400m) vessel is capable of holding 23,992 standard containers.

Ever Ace, holds the record for the most containers loaded on to a single ship. The ship from Rotterdam arrived at the Port of Felixstowe in the UK, Britain’s biggest and busiest container port, and one of the largest in Europe. This is not the first time the Ever Ace entered the Port of Rotterdam. Click here to watch the ship entering the port of Rotterdam last year. At Felixstowe, she unloaded 3,267 containers and loaded 2,300 containers.

Today, the vessel is enroute to the port of Hamburg, Germany, and expected to arrive there on July 13, 06:00.

What is important to note. Not the route, but that the arrival, unloading, loading and departure took place is less than 4 days.