What we do?

We provide extensive and innovative education through our web-based platform, which is built to fulfil the needs of the shipping industry.

Our various courses have been developed to be delivered  by trainers with hands on shipping knowledge.

The aim of our courses is to equip participants with the right attitude, knowledge and skills in order to develop a successfull career into shipping.

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What are we aiming for?

Our aim is to fill the gap in the global market by

  • providing fast, solid, innovative courses;
  • designed and delivered by top maritime professionals with hands on knowledge, from all over the world;
  • for participants at any stage in life, educational and work background, from all over the world.


Our approach to shipping education

through the online maritme academy is to create the best learning experience for our shipping students.

We achieve that through:

  • Innovative and tailor-made educational methods;
  • Instructors with hands-on experience and expertise;
  • Time flexible courses: the student determines the duration of the course, and we provide a suggested timeframe. There are no fixed course start/end dates;
  • A personalised service with fast student support and feedback; and
  • International networking
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