4 video sessions

Recommended completion time 6 hours.

Training Materials

Maximum access time 3 months.

Shipping Industry Instructors

WMA Certificate of Attendance

WMA Crash Course Benefits:

  • Highly specialized on-line courses delivered  by top shipping experts;
  • Learn smart and fast;
  • Without any prerequired fixed start and end dates. At your own pace;
  • Productive use of time to acquire specialised knowledge and skill;
  • High concentration on specialisation thus less likely to forget things
  • Demonstrating the best practices on Shipping Operations;
  • Better value and on the spot learning avoiding warm up sessions
  • Better information retention; and
  • Can be attended anywhere, any time; and
  • Building up to existing knowledge.

WMA Crash Course Training Materials:

Video presentation or PowerPoint presentation per session;

Self assessment questions;

Additional Resources;

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